What are the benefits of Meditation?

QuestionsWhat are the benefits of Meditation?
Manasa Staff asked 1 year ago

Through meditation. when we get abundant cosmic energy and spiritual wisdom .. the intellect/intelligence gets to become more worries cease. Consequently, all physical afflications disappear. Meditation is the only way to heal all diseases

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admin answered 1 year ago

Diseases manifest primarily because of previous negative karma is nuetralised, the diseases will never vanish. No medicine is of any help to clear the negative Karma.
“memory ‑ power gets enhanced”
The abundant cosmic energy gained in meditation helps the brain  to work more efficiently and to its maximum capacity. Meditation enhances memory –power tremendously.
Therefore, meditation is absolutely necessary for all students ..both at the school level and at the university level.
“wasteful habits die naturally”
There are several wasteful like over‑eating, over‑sleeping, over- talking, over- thinking, over‑drinking etc., etc.
With the abundant spiritual wisdom and cosmic energy obtained from meditation, all the wasteful habits die naturally.
“mind  becomes more joyful”

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answered 1 year ago

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